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Fake News: Stop Dumping Your Cast-Offs On Us

The Ghana Used Clothing Dealers Association has taken notice of this FAKE REPORT circulating on the internet which a foreign organization published, claiming to have had talks with the used clothing dealers in Ghana, indicating that the used clothing traders in Ghana insist the EU stop dumping used clothes in Ghana. This publication is HIGHLY FALSE. As a responsible organization in Ghana, we are very mindful of the health of Ghanaians and would not do any thing to jeopardize Ghanaians health. Therefore, we would like to notify everyone around the world that Ghana Used Clothing Dealers Association has never met any of such organization as the guardian reports. We have also researched and found out that the pictures used for the publication was from banned used clothes in Kenya by the Kenyan government which were dumped some where several years ago. We realize these organization use these report to solicit for funds for their personal interest. Hence, we would like to advise every organization or persons not to pay any attention to such persons and or organizations.

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