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We Reject Import Restrictions – Ghana Used Clothing Dealers Association Declare

The Ghana Used Clothing Dealers Association expresses its profound gratitude to the Minority in Parliament for their principled stance against the proposed Legislative Instrument (LI) imposing restrictions on the import of certain items.

The Association would like to shed light on the critical role it plays in the Ghanaian economy and the potential consequences of such restrictions. The Ghana Used Clothing Dealers Association takes pride in contributing to the livelihoods of over 5 million Ghanaians. Out of this workforce, 2.5 million individuals are directly engaged in the used clothing trade, with an additional substantial number working indirectly in related sectors such as Kayaye and tailoring.

The proposed restrictions on imports are poised to directly impact the 2.5 million Ghanaians employed in the industry. This could lead to job losses, diminished wages, and a ripple effect on the economic well-being of workers and their families. Beyond the direct workforce, the restrictions could disrupt the livelihoods of those in ancillary roles, such as Kayaye and tailors, who rely on the availability of affordable clothing for their businesses.

The Association is also concerned about the negative implications of requiring a license from the government for importing used clothing into the country. Introducing a licensing system may create financial barriers, disproportionately affecting small and medium-sized businesses and hindering their participation in the trade. The licensing process may introduce bureaucratic hurdles, leading to delays in imports and affecting the timely availability of affordable clothing for consumers.

The Association is wary of the potential for corruption that may arise with the introduction of a licensing system, undermining transparency and fairness in the trade. The Ghana Used Clothing Dealers Association firmly believes in its capacity to self-regulate the industry.

Through collaborative efforts and internal mechanisms, the Association can address concerns related to standards, quality, and ethical practices within the sector. This approach ensures that the industry remains both competitive and socially responsible. The Association seeks continued collaboration with stakeholders, including the Minority in Parliament, to find balanced solutions that protect the interests of the industry and the nation as a whole.

The Ghana Used Clothing Dealers Association remains committed to fostering a thriving and sustainable used clothing industry in Ghana.

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